DIY Squash & Pumpkin Bird Feeders

Pumpkin Banquet-o-Lantern

A pumpkin carved into the shape of a basket makes a pretty feeder for birds as they fatten up before migrating south. Use a washable marker to draw the basket shape on the pumpkin. After carving and cleaning out the inside, set an aluminum pie plate or terra cotta saucer into the top opening of the pumpkin basket or atop an inverted terra-cotta pot placed inside. Set your festive feeder on a birdbath pedestal and fill the pie tin with high-quality birdseed.


Bird’s Nest Feeder

An unused birdbath makes a lovely platform for welcoming wildlife. Wrap the basin with grapevines and secure with florist’s wire. Next, anchor the display with a 10-inch container filled with a hummingbird-attracting Mandevilla splendens. Artfully arranged terra-cotta pots and saucers atop a “bird’s nest” woven from grapevines are filled with different seed mixes and held in place with gourds, and small pumpkins.

Squash-Ring Birdseed Feeder

Share the fall bounty with this quick family and bird-friendly project. Cut an acorn squash or small pumpkin into ¼- to ½-inch circles Smear one side with peanut butter and dip into birdseed or sunflower seeds that are spread on a plate. If desired, add raisins or dried fruit. Poke a wire through the squash slice; twist the wire ends and hang the feeder high enough to be out of reach of neighborhood dogs or cats.

Corn Stalk Bird Feeder

Fill a weighted small garbage can with eight to 10 cornstalks and carefully place a woven basket into the top opening, using the stalks for support. Use a basket a couple of inches smaller in diameter than the can. Decorate the stalks with birdseed balls, then sit back and enjoy a backyard avian repast right outside your window.

Squash Cups for Birdseed

Cut acorn squash or small pumpkins in half (making one half a little bigger) and scoop out the stringy innards and seeds. Drill four equidistant holes 1 inch or so below the rim of the larger piece. Poke two dowels through the holes, letting the dowels extend several inches for perches. Wrap wire around the dowels just outside the squash and twist together at the top to make a hook for hanging. Fill the squash bowl with birdseed and hang on a fence or tree branch.

Recruit seasonal fall materials for easy projects that welcome our feathered friends.

Source: Squash & Pumpkin Bird Feeders