Zone Maps

Planting Zone Maps

Need to know what planting zone you live in?

Here are some zone maps to help you know what planting zone you live in.  Knowing your planting zone can be very useful when your are planning your garden and flower bed areas.  Using the Zone Map is really very simple. Find your geographic location on the map. Observe the corresponding color to that location. Look at the map key. That number designates the zone in which you live. 

When you order plants online or through a catalog it is very useful for you to know what plants will have the best success in your planting zone. Most local nurseries stock plants that are form your zone.

Most plants are marked with a zone number. Use this map to know what plants will do best in your zone.




You should select products that can survive in your zone. Simply read the item description and you will find either a zone number or a range of zones. The lower of the the two zone numbers tells you the lowest recommended zone in which that plant can survive. Sometimes, an item will thrive outside that zone area. Remember this is only a guide.

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