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Gardening Video Tapes


Gardening video's are a good way to 'see' how to plant and make your garden or flowerbeds the way you want. A picture is worth a thousand words and a good video is priceless.


Art & Practice of Gardening VHSArt & Practice of Gardening VHS
~ Penelope Hobhouse 
Edition Details:
  NTSC format (US and Canada only)
  Color, NTSC
  Number of tapes: 6

How to Grow Flowers VHS

How to Grow Plants in a Greenhouse VHS

How to Grow Warm Weather Vegetables VHS

Yard Works - 3 Pack VHS

Lawn Mowers & Watering Accessories VHS

Great Gardens of England VHS

New Gardening Techniques for The 90's VHS

How to Care for Your Lawn VHS

How to Design a Flower Garden VHS

Dried Flower Fantasy VHS
~ Betty Ann Lasley 

How to Grow Plants in Sunspaces VHS
~ Jeff Ball 

Planting & Growth VHS

Lawn & Maintenance VHS

Successful Gardening Volume 1 - Brian Minter VHS
~ Brian Minter 

Hand Tools for the Lawn & Garden VHS

Lawn Power Tools (1994) VHS

English Cottages & Country Gardens (1996) VHS

Gardening With Summer Perennia (1997) VHS

Gardens of Northern California VHS

Feng Shui:Creating Sacred Space (1997) VHS
Helen & James Jay, et al.

Penelope Hobhouse - The Art & Practice of Gardening: Roses for the Garden & The Smaller Garden Vol. 5 VHS

Penelope Hobhouse - The Art & Practice of Gardening: New Garden Ideas & Nurseries & Plant Collections Vol. 6 VHS
~ Penelope Hobhouse 

Professor Greenthumb's Guide to Good Gardening (1986) VHS
~ Professor Greenthumb 

Professional Planting VHS

Introducing Square Foot Gardening VHS

Lawn & Garden - 3 Pack VHS

Ikebana Vol. 3:Techniques Lasting Cut VHS

Flower Arrangements Made Easy / Holiday Centerpieces VHS

Bonsai for the Beginner (1995) VHS

House Beautiful: Decorating with Flowers (1995) VHS

Penelope Hobhouse - The Art & Practice of Gardening: Color in the Garden & Flower Gardens Vol. 2 VHS




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